Herr's Mill Bridge was rebuilt at Stone Gables Estate in early 2019.

The bridge was rebuilt using one of the trusses of the dismantled Herr's Mill Bridge.  The majority of the original truss was reused.  The original Herr's Mill Bridge was built as an authentic Burr truss covered bridge. Stone Gables Estate named the reconstructed bridge Herr's Mill.


                           Herr's Mill

                           Herr's Mill

                           Herr's Mill

                           Herr's Mill


Herr's Mill Bridge (PA-36-21) is moving to Stone Gables Estate in Elizabethtown, PA.

A news release provided by Stone Gables Estate announced that they have acquired Herr's Mill Bridge and will be moving it to their property.  Effective September 4, 2018, the bridge will be dismantled with a plan to rebuild one section of it to be used by horse and carriage, hitch wagons and modern traffic to cross the creek on the property.  It should be completed by March 30, 2019.  The second section will be used to cross the creek at a different location for an 1860s full scale replica of a 440 steam locomotive and passenger cars.  That section will be completed in about three years.

(photo of bridge being dismantled courtesy Stone Gables Estate, September 4, 2018)

                           Herr's Mill

Dellville Bridge PA-50-16 Update: In August 2015 Perry County Commissioners solicited bids for the rebulding of Dellville Bridge.  Funding would be through an insurance policy and private donations.  On October 5th, County Commissioner Brenda K. Benner said the bridge's main support beams are salvageable as well as some of the charred timber which would reduce the estimated cost of the bridge rebuilding project.

Dellville Bridge PA-50-16 Update: April 13, 2015. Many of our readers and covered bridge enthusiasts have questioned the status of rebuilding Dellville Bridge. As of April 13th we have no information as to whether or not the bridge will be rebuilt.  The Perry County Historical Society has been collecting donations for rebuilding the bridge and stated that if the bridge is not rebuilt all donations will go toward maintenance of the remaining covered bridges in Perry County.

Dellville Bridge PA-50-16 in Perry County burned on the morning of November 3, 2014.  Authorities suspect arson.  I-beams below the bridge kept in from collapsing.  Hopefully, Dellville Bridge can be saved, perhaps through sand blasting the timbers. Read an article about Dellville Bridge by clicking on the links below or copy and paste them to your browser search engine:

Fire Damages Historic Covered Bridge"

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