Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania, Inc.

Monthly Business Meeting

Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church, Columbia, PA

Sunday, April 7, 2024 at 2:00pm


President Bob Kuether called the meeting to order at 2:00pm and led the Pledge of Allegiance.


TREASURER’S REPORT: Bob Kuether read the report and noted 365 members for 2023-2024.



Greg Williams – Greg visited Rock, Zimmerman’s, Henninger Farm, Sachs and Heikes Bridges and said all look good. He saw a billboard advertising Gettysburg Battlefield w/a picture of Sachs Bridge.


Joe McCarthy – Joe was contacted to repair Leaman’s Bridge where the portal was hit again. Eastern Highway Company contacted him to bid on repairs at Bartram’s Bridge, estimated cost $975,000.  Lobar Company contacted him to build a new bridge for Rudolph/Arthur (a duplicate, all timber frame bridge and adding steel beams).  Reportedly, Erb’s Bridge is a top fishing area in Lancaster Co.


Tim McLaughlin – Tim and Connie visited Mercer’s Mill Bridge on March 23, found it closed w/no roof; 2 weeks later the roof was complete. Plan to ask Dawn if the older boards at Pool Forge Bridge will be painted.  Also visited Weaver’s Mill, Red Run Mill (still leans), Bucher’s Mill, Keller’s, Erb’s and Zook’s Mill Bridges (look good). Tim said Bitzer’s Mill Bridge leans some (still closed due to truck damage).


Pat Cook – Pat visited Dellville Bridge and noted it looks good.



President Bob Kuether – Bob made 3 phone calls to Adams Co. about painting Jack’s Mountain Bridge; is waiting for a call back (paint is peeling badly, some boards need replaced).  The road will need to be closed with an 8 mile detour.  Bob needs a ride to Washington Co. to pick-up donations.


First Vice-President Jim Smedley – Jim reminded the group that Lancaster Co. is working on a number of bridges to install new roofs, flooring and/or paint.  Mercer’s Mill Bridge is one; Lime Valley Bridge is getting a new floor, so currently closed.  It’s a good time to visit Lancaster Co. Bridges!


Second Vice-President Ray Finkelstein (absent) AND Third Vice-President Frank Mailey – No report.

Fourth Vice-President Tony Abramo – Tony shared that a Lancaster newspaper had an article in March about the bridge damage in Lyndon, VT.


Recording Secretary Pam Mailey AND Corresponding Secretary Pam Heisey – No reports.


Treasurer Judy Kuether – Bob read the recent donations to the Restoration Fund: Friendly Village Dish donation from Ortha Klischer, $463 and the book/picture auction from our March meeting, $256.


Historian Fred Moll – Fred has no news on painting Greisemer’s or applying NoChar to Wertz Bridge.  He saw a news article to submit bids to replace the stairs around Wertz Bridge. On March 7, Fred presented a program to 55 attendees at Hamburg High School on the Dreibelbis Bridge restoration. 


NEWSLETTER EDITORS: Jim Smedley reported the deadline to submit information for the Summer Edition of PA Crossings Newsletter is Sunday, June 2, 2024.



Annual Safari – September 14-15 to Washington and Greene Co. bridges.  Reserve your hotel room!


See PA Covered Bridges Week, May 11-19 – Bob Kuether reported the request for the Proclamation was sent to the Governor’s Office and Tom Walczak is preparing the poster. Those placing a display at a PA Welcome Center can get the display board, table, tablecloths and handouts today (noted that 5 Welcome Centers are not covered).  Displays can remain for PA Tourism Week of May 19-25.


Mini Safari, May 18 – Tony Abramo said the Safari is to Dauphin, Schulykill and Berks Co.  The drive is about 112 miles, starting at Fort Hunter and ending at Wertz Bridge.


Easter Egg Fundraiser – Pam Mailey thanked all for supporting the fundraiser; proceeds were $255.


Cash Raffle – Gloria Smedley still has tickets for sale; to date, the raffle has raised over $1,200 for the Preservation Fund. The drawing is at the May dinner with prizes of 35%, 10% and 5% of total.



Calendar Updates – Jim Smedley thanked everyone who submitted photos (182) for the 2025 calendar contest. The calendar will include photos from 10 counties and 7 bridges that have never appeared in our calendars with 3 new photographers. Jim is waiting to receive the proofs and plans to have the calendar at our May Anniversary Dinner.  Jim also noted he will accept photos of bridges that have been relocated/rebuilt and are now classified as non-authentic.


Conference – Joe McCarthy shared that the Timber Framers Guild of N. America’s Conference is May 17th-19th at Holiday Inn, Lancaster (open to the public).  He prepared a self-guided tour to visit some covered bridges and will speak about his work at Dreibelbis Bridge and repairs at Siegrist’s Bridge.



(1) Greg Williams shared a magazine picture of a train crossing the covered bridge at Mary’s River in Harris, OR. (2)  Bob Kuether has pictures to share of bridges, many old and no longer standing. (3) Tina Chandler found a free bridge calendar at an Amish Store. (4) Connie McLaughlin found an old bridge photo from 1940-1950, maybe Knox Bridge? She wants to see if anyone can identify the bridge. (5) Fred Moll shared he had a jigsaw puzzle made of Wertz Bridge.  (6) Jim Smedley shared his book “Historic Bridges of Maryland”, published in 2001 by MD Historic Trust (outstanding photos).


PROGRAM TODAY:  “Historic Covered Bridges of Pennsylvania” by Jim Smedley.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The March 2024 minutes were approved as presented.

NEXT MEETING: Sunday, May 5, 2024, Anniversary Dinner at Yoder’s Restaurant.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 3:45pm.


Respectfully submitted by Pam Mailey, Recording Secretary, April 19, 2024