Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania, Inc.

Monthly Business Meeting

Saint Paul Episcopal Church, Columbia, PA

Sunday, November 6, 2022 at 2:00 pm


President Bob Kuether called the meeting to order at 2:00 pm.  He welcomed everyone and led the Pledge of Allegiance.


NEW MEMBERS AND GUESTS: Mike and Mindy Ross are new members.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Bob Kuether reminded everyone the October Meeting Minutes are available for review at the back table; he will ask for approval later in the meeting.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Judy Kuether reported there were 5 new members in October giving a total of 256 members paid for 2022-2023.



Greg Williams – Greg showed the Nov. 2022 “Train” magazine that included a Grand Prize picture of a train passing by Bartonsville Covered Bridge in VT.


Joe McCarthy – Joe shared that he and Joanne had a lot of fun working at Bloomsburg Festival.  They went to a Timber Frames Conference in Burlington, VT where Joe and his partner presented a slide show on Dreibelbis Bridge.  There was a lot of interest from other timber framer businesses to get involved in covered bridge repairs.  They also saw 5 covered bridges in VT.


Tim McLaughlin – Tim reported he and Connie helped at the Bloomsburg Festival to set-up and work the stand the next day.  Tim and Connie saw many covered bridges in October:  4 bridges in Chester County, Krickbaum, and Richards bridges in Columbia/Northumberland Counties, 8 bridges in Columbia County, Mercer’s Mill bridge in Chester/Lancaster Counties, 8 bridges in Lancaster County and Pine Valley bridge in Bucks County.  They noted the following in Columbia County:  Hollingshead bridge had new knee braces with screws on one side only and fresh paint; Snyder bridge has reflective pvc covering on the headache bar however, it is still getting hit and breaking apart; Esther Furnace has chalk marks on all of the uprights.


Connie McLaughlin – Connie worked at the Poole Forge Car Show on October 16th.  There were 110 cars at the Show; pictures were taken of each car at the bridge.  She handed out a lot of rack cards.


Tom Walczak – Tom thanked everyone for the cards and get-well wishes during his illness.  Tom visited Krepps, Hughes, and White Bridges during the Washington/Green Counties Covered Bridge Festival (Hughes has a noticeable sag).  He also visited Cannon Bridge and a romantic Shelter in NY, then Waterford Bridge in Erie County which is in bad shape and closed to vehicular/pedestrian traffic.  He then saw 2 bridges in Lawrence County, 8 bridges in WV, 4 bridges and a romantic shelter in Washington County and 5 other bridges in Greene County.  Tom also saw 4 bridges in Columbiana County, OH, including Church Hill Road Bridge which is the shortest covered bridge in the USA at 19 feet-3 inches.



President Bob Kuether – Bob thanked everyone for the cards he received while he was ill.

First Vice-President Jim Smedley – Jim and Gloria traveled to VT in October to see 22 bridges that they had never seen.  Most were in good condition with a few needing some minor repairs where vehicles damaged the portal boards.  They attended the National Society’s annual dinner in MA.  On their trip home, they saw the newly built Barn Yard Bridge in CT; a nice truss bridge.  They also traveled to Cincinnati to see their son and family and visited 4 bridges in norther IN and two in OH (Stonelick Bridge and a favorite, Shaeffer-Campbell Bridge).


Second Vice-President Ray Finkelstein – Ray visited Hunsecker’s Bridge and noted some boards are missing on the side.  He reported that rehabilitation at Geiger’s Bridge is complete, including a whole new floor and slate roof.  He doesn’t have further information on Bogart’s Bridge.

Third Vice-President Frank Mailey – Frank and Pam visited 3 bridges in MD:  Roddy Road, Loys Station and Utica.  They also visited Sachs Bridge.  It now has some graffiti on the outside, stone wing wall, part of the side board is missing and noted loose boards at top of portal; also needs painting. 


Fourth Vice-President Tony Abramo – Tony and Karen visited Keller’s Bridge and noted goats, cows and horses alongside the bridge.


Recording Secretary Pam Mailey – Pam came upon 4 motorcycles traveling to the 3 MD bridges Frank noted.  One person had been to some Lancaster County bridges; Pam encouraged them to take a drive to Gettysburg to see Sachs Bridge and provided them with Rack cards to look-up other PA bridges. Pam is presenting the Haunted Covered Bridges Program at the Red Land Library on Nov 7th; the library put a nice article in the weekly, local Guide announcing the program, including the purpose of the TBCBSP.


Corresponding Secretary Pam Heisey – No report.


Treasurer Judy Kuether – No report.


Historian Fred Moll – No report.


NEWSLETTER EDITORS:  Jim Smedley reported the deadline to submit information for the Winter edition of PA Crossings Newsletter is Sunday February 5th.


ILLNESS/DEATH of MEMBER(S): None to report.



(1) Bob Kuether reported 363 of 400 Calendars are sold with about 13 on consignment; are still for sale.


(2) Pam Mailey thanked the many volunteers who helped with loading/unloading the truck, set-up/tear-down and working the stand at the Bloomsburg Covered Bridge Arts Festival; sales were $7,274.50 with over $2,500 profit.


(3) Bob Kuether announced we will decorate Poole Forge Bridge and gazebo on Nov 19th, meeting at 9:30 am.  Members will also prepare the bags for card exchange at the Christmas dinner and reminder post cards to mail for unpaid 2023 dues.  Volunteers are needed.


(4) Bob Kuether announced the Society will not have a stand at the PA Christmas Show in Harrisburg this year due to new owners, rising costs, restrictions and his health.


(5)  Pam Mailey presented a power-point program to the Red Land Women’s Club on Oct 17th; although only 10 members present, it was well received with good questions; also sold $75 in Country Store items.



(1) Jim Smedley completed the annual audit, reviewing February/March 2022 data; no discrepancies.


(2) Pam Mailey explained that the Officers complete an Annual Report as required by our Constitution.  These are available for members’ review at the table.


(3) Jim Smedley talked about the 2023 Safari.  He handed out a survey to gauge members interest in one day vs. weekend safari and if they prefer a weekend safari to vote for location.  Jim and Gloria will lead the multi-day safari regardless of location.  Tony Abramo plans to lead a one-day Safari.


(4)  Bob Kuether explained that the suggestion was made at the Officers’ meeting to have members volunteer for a “Show and Tell” to talk 5 minutes about their collection or an item/hobby important to them; this was done under a past president.  Gloria Smedley volunteered to share in March 2023.  Also, please let Bob or another Officer know of any ideas to add to a meeting, or something different to do.



(1) Tim McLaughlin shared a hand-drawn picture of the Twins Bridges that he found at a Lewisburg antique store.  (2)Tina Conn saw Covered Bridge Christmas cards at BJ’s.  (3)  Tom Walczak saw a popcorn tin with a covered bridge on it for $10 at CVS.  (4) Gloria Smedley showed the new “adult” coloring/informational book published by the National Society; the cost is $18.



Pam Mailey conducted a ceremony to honor the veterans present:  Tina Conn, Navy; Ray Finkelstein, Air Force; Bob Kuether, Army; Jim Smedley, Army Reserve; and Ted Smith, Army.  She thanked them for their sacrifice and doing a job not many will do; they deserve our respect and honor.  May God bless all of America’s veterans!


NEXT MEETING: Christmas Dinner on Sunday, December 11th at Yoder’s Family Restaurant/Buffet.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The October 2022 minutes were approved as presented.

PROGRAM TODAY:  “Haunted Covered Bridges” by Pam Mailey.


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 4:20 pm.



Respectfully Submitted by Pam Mailey, Recording Secretary, November 30, 2022