The Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania, Inc.

Monthly Business Meeting

St. Paul Episcopal Church, Columbia, PA

Sunday, April 3, 2022 at 2:00pm


President Bob Kuether called the meeting to order at 2:05pm.  He welcomed everyone and led the Pledge of Allegiance. 




APPROVAL OF MINUTES: Bob Kuether reminded everyone the March Meeting Minutes are available for review at the back table; will ask for approval later in the meeting.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  Bob Kuether reported there are currently 383 members for 2021-2022.



Steve Wolfhope – In December 2021, Steve and Gloria saw the Legacy Bridge, located in Utah.  It is 110’ long and is located along a walking trail.

Joe McCarthy – Joe is 2 weeks into the rehabilitation at Hassenplug Bridge, PA’s oldest covered bridge and 2nd oldest in the Country.  Repairs include concrete work, then timber repairs, new floor and running boards, all financed by the County.  The work is being closely monitored daily, since the bridge is in the middle of 17 acres of wetlands.  Joe submitted an estimate for repairs of Oriental Bridge.  He is also awaiting a decision for repairs of Bartram’s Bridge.



President Bob Kuether – No report.


First Vice President Jim Smedley – No report.

Second Vice President Ray Finkelstein – Ray announced McCungie has a “Community Night’ on May 3rd ; he will set-up a covered bridge display there.  He also shared that the Wooden Covered Spans will be going to the printer soon and will be handed out at the May Anniversary Dinner.

Third Vice President Frank Mailey – No report.


Fourth Vice President Tony Abramo – Tony and Karen visited Baumgardner’s Mill and Colemanville bridges; they both look good.  Tony shared that you need to exercise caution if visiting Baumgardner’s Mill because there is no place to park (no parking signs were posted by the Township).


Recording Secretary Pam Mailey – The March fundraiser of Easter Egg sales raised $83 for the Society.  Eggs and chocolate covered pretzels are for sale again today.


Corresponding Secretary Pam Heisey – No report.


Treasurer Judy Kuether – Not present.

Historian Fred Moll – No report.


NEWSLETTER: Jim Smedley reported the deadline to submit information for the next Newsletter is Sunday, June 5, 2022.  Members should receive the Newsletter around June 10th.


ILLNESS/DEATH of MEMBERS: (1) Ellen Rodgers of S. Carolina died January 18, 2022. (2) Steve Wolfhope had 2 falls in January and is receiving therapy. (3) Connie McLaughlin continues with a slow recovery from repeat hip replacement surgery; still needs surgery for shoulder injury.


OLD BUSINESS: (1) Jim Smedley reported the photos were selected for the 2023 Calendar, representing 11 Counties including 5 bridges that have never been in any of our Calendars.  The Calendars should be printed and ready for the May 1st Anniversary Dinner.  (2) Bob Kuether reminded us of the 63rd Anniversary Dinner on Saturday, May 1st at Yoder’s Country Restaurant; cost is $18.00 with reservations due by April 24th.   (3) Bob Kuether stated “See PA Covered Bridges Week” is May 7-15.  Displays are placed in the 14 PA Welcome Centers; however 1 Center is currently closed. Display boards are ready and will just need the 2022 Governor’s Proclamation and Updated Poster added. (3) Tony Abramo reminded all of the upcoming Mini-Safari on Saturday, May 21st to see 6 bridges in NW Lancaster County.  We will meet at Ollies Bargain Outlet beside Park City Shopping Center. We may need to do a picnic lunch since multiple restaurants were unable to accommodate the group. 


NEW BUSINESS: (1) Bob Kuether announced fundraiser/meeting will be July 9th at Hoss’ Restaurant, located at 3604 E. Market St. York, PA. Judy will have “tickets” to hand out at a future meeting.  The Society made $167 at the last Hoss’ fundraiser.  (2) Tim and Connie McLaughlin reported on the Annual Safari to Bucks County on August 19–20.  Reservations may be made for Friday and Saturday nights at Holiday Inn Express, Quakertown (Connie will check on the number of rooms reserved for TBCBSP). Their practice runs found the roads are not ideal.  Saturday will be a picnic lunch since very rural area.  Sheard’s Mill Bridge will be the bathroom break stop; there is a small store located there with postcards, t-shirts, snacks, etc.  (3) Tom Walczak informed Bob Kuether that he received a $3,000 check for the TBCBSP from Olive Jones’ estate.  (4)  Tom Walczak also advised Bob that White Covered Bridge Festival in Green County is September17-18; he needs helpers to participate.


NEW COVERED BRIDGE ITEMS:  (1) Tony Abramo showed a Wilton plate of a Covered Bridge that he found at an antique market.  (2) Connie McLaughlin bought a covered bridge with barn quilts on it.  She showed various Cat’s meow figurines that will be for sale: Humpback, Knox, Philippi, Zumbrota (Minnesota) and Green Sergeant (NJ) Covered Bridges.


NEXT MEETING: The Anniversary Dinner will be held on May 1, 2022, at Yoder’s Country Restaurant. 


APPROVAL OF MINUTES: The March meeting minutes were approved as presented. 

PROGRAM TODAY: “Gone but not Forgotten: Lost Covered Bridges of PA” by Jim Smedley.

ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 4:00pm.

Respectfully Submitted by Pamela Mailey, Recording Secretary, April 27, 2022.