Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania, Inc.

Annual Picnic at Manheim Park next to Shearer’s Covered Bridge

Meeting of July 7, 2019


President Tom Walczak called the meeting to order at 1:37 pm after all enjoyed the food at the picnic.

Tom reminded everyone that copies of the June minutes are available for review.  Approval would be sought later in the meeting. Jim and Gloria Smedley moved to their new home in York County and are enjoying a family function this weekend; Pam Mailey will take the meeting minutes.

NEW MEMBERS AND GUESTS: 36 members were present; Pat and Ken Cook’s 2 granddaughters were guests.

TREASURER’S REPORT: We have one new member from Lancaster, Don Gunzenhausen. There are 398 members renewed for the 2018-2019 year.  The Treasurer’s Report was approved as read and will be filed for audit.


Tina Chandler reported seeing Pine Grove, White Rock, Mercer and Jackson’s Mill bridges.  Tourists on scooters from Strasburg were at Jackson’s Mill and she handed out rack cards.

Katie Helm enjoyed the last bridge on safari, Fort Hunter, where for the first time ever, she took a picture of the bridge’s reflection.

Pat and Ken Cook and granddaughters attended the Blenheim Covered Bridge Dedication in Schoharie County, NY with 8 other TBCBS members.  Also saw Salisbury Center Covered Bridge and 2 Romantic Shelters.

Connie and Tim McLaughlin saw Luther  Mills in Bradford and on their way to Sullivan County, saw lots of barns with quilts.  They also attended Blenheim Dedication and saw other NY bridges.

Pam and Frank Mailey, along with Bob and Judy Kuether started to lay out September’s Adams County Safari to 5 bridges; had detours to get to 2 bridges. Sachs Covered Bridge needs some attention; signs of vandalism.

Joe McCarthy reported that Dreibelbis Covered Bridge in Berks County is not being moved until end of August.  They were also at the Blenheim dedication, estimating 100 people in attendance.  He said to check out the school house beside the bridge; it contains tools used to build the original bridge; plans are to open the bridge for wedding reception, art shows, etc.


President Tom Walczak visited other bridges after safari.  Roof is still not finished on Dellville Bridge in Perry County. Also saw Saville, Kochenderfer, Waggoner’s, Book’s, New Germantown, and Mount Pleasant in Perry County; and Beavertown in Snyder County; Academia in Juniata County; St Mary’s in Huntingdon County; and New Baltimore Bridge in Somerset County.

First Vice President, Jim Smedley:  Not present. No report.

The deadline for next issue of PA Crossings is October 6th.


Second Vice President, Ray Finkelstein:  He needs to re-check Lehigh Valley tour for August 17th due to construction around Kreidersville Bridge.  Ray reported visiting all bridges in Berks County and Frankenfield Covered Bridge in Bucks County which had some damage to the roof rafters.  He complimented Bob and Judy on a great job with the June Safari.  Ray also reported that members Ben and June Evans send their best, but are not able to come to the picnic.

Third Vice President, Steve Wolfhope:  Not present; Steve and Gloria are on a family vacation in the Outer Banks.  No report.

Fourth Vice President, Tim McLaughlin: Visited Dellville after safari.  Also attended dedication at Blenheim Covered Bridge, then saw 5 other bridges. Old Mill Village Covered Bridge in Susquehanna County, a transplant from NY, is in sad shape.  Also saw Knapp’s, Luther’s Mill (stunning), Forksville, Hillsgrove and Paperdale (a shell).  To date, Tim and Connie have visited 134 covered bridges this year.

Recording Secretary, Gloria Smedley: Not present; no report.

Corresponding Secretary / Program Chair Pamela A. Heisey:  No report.

Treasurer Bob Kuether: Bob has been laying out Union County safari.  Penitentiary needs a roof and Millmont is leaning towards creek.  Sachs in Adams County needs some TLC; now has a parking lot on other side.  Perry County will celebrate 200th anniversary in 2020.  We plan to paint Red Bridge on Saturday, September 14th with estimated painter’s cost of $2,000.  We are also planning to paint Waggoner (TBD).  He is losing the battle to downsize the Country Store; 3 recent calls with donations.  Had Country Store at the Twins Covered Bridges in June for a bus tour/lunch on the bridge with about 100 people, many from Indiana.  Ordered 36 puzzles for this year; Kramer’s Covered Bridge to start selling at Knoebel’s in October.

Historian Fred J. Moll: Also attended the dedication of the Blenheim Covered Bridge in NY; indicated it was a nice dedication and people were very friendly.  He showed 3 brochures of Berks County, containing covered bridge information.


REPORTS OF ILLNESSES OR DEATHS – Michael Rudnick has his arm in a sling now and can drive.  Tim Cohen has a card for all to sign for Olive Jones’ 100th birthday on Saturday (she has been in & out of hospital per daughter Janet).  Ortha Klischer’s birthday is today, age 96.  Frank Mailey is having abdominal studies and a heart cath w/probable stents this week.

ELECTION OF OFFICERS:  Greg Williams shared the slate of officers for 2019-2020:

President:  Tom Walczak

First Vice-President:  Jim Smedley

Treasurer:  Bob Kuether

Second Vice-President:  Ray Finkelstein

Third Vice-President: Steve Wolfhope

Fourth Vice-President:  Bob Griner

Recording Secretary:  Gloria Smedley

Corresponding Secretary/Program Chairperson:  Pam Heisey

Historian:  Fred Moll

Members are encouraged to volunteer for any position whether there is a name in the slot or not.  Officers are willing to step aside if others want to volunteer.  If anyone is interested, contact the Nominating Committee of Pam Mailey or Greg Williams.


NEW BUSINESS:  Ideas for 2020  Safari?   Pat Cook-SE Ohio; Connie McLaughlin-Vermont.  Tim McLaughlin mentioned there are 4 covered bridges in Hawaii!

Motion carried to paint Red Bridge in Perry County at cost of $2,000.  Will not need to buy paint; need volunteers to also nail siding in place.

Country Store will set up at Red Land Library’s Yard Sale on Saturday, September 21st; free set-up for TBCBS since April sale was closed up due to high winds.

COVERED BRIDGE ITEMS: Judy is taking orders for custom-made Covered Bridge embroidered hangers; can be used as door hanger, table runner, etc.  Cost is $10 for 1 bridge, $20 for 2 bridges and $30 for 3 bridges.  E-mail Judy for available bridges.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Minutes of the June meeting were approved as presented.

NEXT MEETING: Our Next Meeting will be held on Sunday, August 4th at 2:00 pm at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church in Manheim.  The program will be “Covered Bridges of the Midwest” by Gloria Smedley.

ADJOURNMENT:  The meeting was adjourned at 2:40 pm with a group photo at Shearer’s Covered Bridge.

Respectfully Submitted by Pam Mailey, for Recording Secretary, Gloria Smedley

Date:  July 31, 2019