The Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania, Inc.

Monthly Business Meeting

60th Anniversary Dinner, Shady Maple Smorgasbord

Saturday, May 4, 1:00 p.m.


President Tom Walczak called the meeting to order at 1:01 p.m. after everyone had enjoyed a delicious dinner celebrating our 60th Anniversary.   He welcomed everyone and thanked Bob and Judy Kuether for their work in planning and making arrangements for today’s dinner.


NEW MEMBERS AND GUESTS: We were honored to have our only two remaining charter members, Gladys and David Smith, in attendance today.  Ruth Wilson was visiting all the way from New York.


APPROVAL OF MINUTES – Tom reminded everyone the minutes were available for review and he will ask for approval later in the meeting.


TREASURER’S REPORT:  We have 4 new members: Allen County Public Library, Fort Wayne IN, Bill and Lynn Appman, Pittsburgh, PA and White Covered Bridge Association, Waynesburg, PA.  We have 378 members renewed for 2018-19, 13 less than 1 year ago.  Treasurer’s report was approved and will be filed for audit.



Katie Helm announced a presentation at Redland Library Wednesday evening at 6:30 to be given by Bob Kuether.

Connie McLaughlin mentioned a video of King Ranch that shows glimpses of the bridges in the Laurels.  She will post the video on FaceBook for those interested.  She saw Smith Bridge in DE last week and it’s still looking good.

Bill Haag visited Ramp’s Bridge which has been damaged.  The queen post is broken and a wing wall cracked.


President Tom Walczak has been busy having the patches for this event and the safari designed and produced.  He gave a program at McCandless/Northern Allegheny Heritage Center a week ago Friday.  Only 12 attended but they raised good questions and he was able to sign up two new members.


First Vice President Jim Smedley: No report.

The deadline for PA Crossings is the Sunday of our Columbia County Safari, June 2nd.


Second Vice President Ray Finkelstein thanked everyone for their support over the past few months as he continues to recuperate from back surgery.  He visited Bogert’s Bridge which is still standing.  They have received a grant for $100,000 to restore the bridge and are trying to raise matching funds.  Ray gave a presentation at the Carbon County Historical Society about a week ago.


Third Vice President Steve Wolfhope saw two New York bridges and met the builder at one, Red Run, a bridge near Green Dragon where he took Ruth Wilson who was visiting.


Fourth Vice President Tim McLaughlin visited Smith, Ashland, and Wooddale in DE and all look good.  He attended the Lincoln Funeral Train re-enactment at Stone Gables with other members where they saw the newly built half of Herr’s Mill Bridge.  The second half of the bridge will be built as a railroad bridge.  He and Connie saw Buck Hill which was the last in Lancaster County for them.  It still has an old metal TBCBSP plaque inside.  He and Connie are still trying to see all PA bridges during this 60th anniversary year.


Treasurer Bob Kuether and Judy Kuether took eight displays to eight different Welcome Centers for See Pennsylvania’s Covered Bridges Week.  They attended the Perry County meeting held to discuss $11,000 they have left and how to use those funds.  The funds could be used in part to paint Red Bridge and redo Waggoner’s Bridge.  Bob has plenty of rack cards for those who may need them.


Historian Fred Moll: No report.
Corresponding Secretary Pam Heisey: No report.

Recording Secretary Gloria Smedley:  No report.


ILLNESSES/DEATHS of MEMBERS:  Member Mike Rudnick took a fall and broke his arm.  Kathy Hetzendorf passed away on April 11.  Ben and June Evans have both struggled with health issues.  Ben spent a week in the hospital.


OLD BUSINESS:  Last month Jim reviewed the first half of the proposed bylaw changes which were voted on and approved.  The remaining will be discussed at the August meeting.  Bob reviewed details about the upcoming Safari May 31 – June 2.


NEW BUSINESS:  Today Pam and Frank Mailey celebrate their 34th wedding anniversary.  Ruth Wilson thanked everyone for the many cards and well wishes she received when her mother died. Jim Smedley read the SPCBW proclamation.  Our picnic in July will be head at the Shearer’s Bridge pavilion since Poole Forge is not available this year.




APPROVAL OF MINUTES – April minutes were approved as presented.

ADJOURNMENT - The meeting was adjourned about 2:05 followed by drawings for various raffles and door prizes.

NEXT MEETING - Our Next Meeting will be held during the safari on Saturday June 1st at 8 p.m. at Motel 6 in Bloomsburg our safari headquarters.


Respectfully Submitted, Gloria Smedley, Recording Secretary

May 13, 2019