Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania, Inc.

Meeting of June 5, 2016

Kreidersville Festival, Kreidersville, PA


President Tom Walczak called the meeting to order at 11:10 a.m. welcoming members and guests to our meeting at Kreidersville. 

New Members and Guests – There were no new members or guests in attendance.

Tom reminded everyone that copies of the May minutes were circulating for review.  Approval would be sought later in the meeting. 

Treasurer Bob Kuether read the monthly treasurer’s report.  There were no additions/corrections to the report.  It was approved as read by the membership.  We have 376 renewed members for 2015-16, 8 more than last year.  We have five  new members: Lena Danka, Tim Darragh, Kevin & Vicki Riley, JoAnne McCarthy.


Tina Conn:  June 4th was the date for the annual Historic Newtown Square Day. Tina was at Bartram’s Bridge (PA-23-02 & PA-15-17) all day for the event where 107 people traveled through the bridge, more than any other year.  Tina set up a display board at the bridge. She also attended the safari in NH and VT.

Mike Rudnick:  Mike reported on the damage at Roddy Road Bridge (MD-10-02) and said everything has been repaired now.  Mike will soon be traveling to Ashtabula County, Ohio to see its bridges. Mike let members know about The International Bridge Conference in National Harbor, MD taking place from June 6th to June 10th.


President Tom Walczak said he had a great time on the safari in May.  He enjoyed seeing bridges he has not seen for many years.  Also, one of his highlights was finally seeing a moose. Tom thanked everyone who was involved in the planning for the safari, especially Bob and Judy Kuether.  Tom also attended the public meeting for Kidd’s Mill Bridge (PA-43-01). Ed Winslow, a local engineer was at the meeting to assure everyone that rules for rehabilitating a bridge in PA will be abided by for Kidd’s Mill Bridge. 

First Vice President, Jim Smedley and Gloria saw 62 bridges before, during and after the safari.  Jim also remarked the safari was a wonderful time.

The deadline for PA Crossings Newsletter is June 5th.

Second Vice President, Ray Finkelstein reminded members of the Bogert’s (PA-39-01) celebration coming up on June 12th.  He also attended the safari and made remarks about how well it went and what a good time it was.

Third Vice President, Steve Wolfhope no report, not present.

Fourth Vice President, Tim Cohen no report, not present.

Recording Secretary, Gloria Smedley - no report, not present.

Corresponding Secretary / Program Chair Pamela A. Heisey – no report, not present.

Treasurer Bob Kuether and Judy spent Memorial Day at the Discover Lancaster Visitors Center to talk with travelers about covered bridges.  Bob thanked everyone for following directions during the safari.  Bob reminded everyone about painting Sam Wagner Bridge (PA-47-01 & PA-49-11) on June 18th.  County Commissioners are planning on stopping by the bridge.

Historian Fred J. Moll – Fred reported that he was informed that the 30 minute program he was on awhile back was the most watched program for that month on Berks Cable TV.  Fred also mentioned there was an insert for the Berks County Magazine in the Reading Eagle dated June 1, 2016 titled “Found Along the Way” about traveling the back roads of Berks County.  It was the cover story and featured a photograph of Pleasantville Bridge (PA-06-01).

REPORTS OF ILLNESSES OR DEATHS – Former member John Moffett, Sr. passed away.  He is the father of now former member John Moffett, Jr.


NEW BUSINES - Future Safari:  A couple of suggestions for locations were mentioned.  Some areas suggested were Washington-Greene counties, Perry County, and Bucks County.  Mike Rudnick suggested the Society may consider having future safaris for two-and-a-half days instead of one-and-a-half days. 

Bob asked members to communicate with people who they hear may be thinking about donating covered bridge material to the Society.  The Society would be glad to have any material and may possibly buy some of it depending on what it is.

COVERED BRIDGE ITEMS – Mike Rudnick let members know about the Covered Bridge Brewhaus, a brewery located in Shamokin, PA.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Minutes were approved as presented.

NEXT MEETING - Our Next Meeting will be held on Sunday July 3rd at 12:00 noon at the Poole Forge Bridge for our annual picnic.

ADJOURNMENT - The meeting was adjourned at 11:45 a..m.

Respectfully Submitted by Jim Smedley for Recording Secretary, Gloria Smedley

June 15, 2016