Theodore Burr Covered Bridge Society of Pennsylvania, Inc.

Annual Christmas Dinner and Meeting

December 12, 2015


President Tom Walczak called the meeting to order at 1.10 p.m. welcoming everyone to our Annual Christmas dinner.

NEW MEMBERS AND GUESTS:  New members included Joe and Joanne McCarthy from Gap, PA.

Greg Williams introduced his guest, his sister Pam Mailey.


Treasurer Bob Kuether read the monthly treasurer’s report.  We had 4 new members join in November. As of November 30th we have 302 renewed members, same as one year ago.  There were no additions or corrections and the report was approved as read by the membership.


Tom reminded everyone that donations were being accepted today for our Bridge Preservation Fund.  Donations can be placed in the covered bridge model on the table in the back of the room.



Clyde  and Alda Sheib - Luminaries at Kennedy Bridge (PA-15-13 #2) would be held Friday/Saturday evenings, December 18-19th at dusk.  There will be over 400 candles.  The bridge has been decorated with wreaths on each portal.  Expecting great weather!

Tim McLaughlin enjoyed decorating Pool Forge (PA-36-01) and encouraged folks to drive by at night to see it all lit up.

Pat Cook  won the New York Society’s quilt raffle.

Joe McCarthy (new member) described his involvement with repairs to several bridges in the area as an employee of the Lancaster County Timber Framing Company. He will be working on Speakman #1 (PA-15-05) which will be a total tear down and rebuild probably replacing about 25% of the timber.  Work begins Monday.

Connie Francis:  She and Tim McLaughlin will continue to report on progress at Speakman #1.


President Tom Walczak visited 3 bridges in his local area in a unique way and has written about it in the current issue of Wooden Covered Spans.

First Vice President, Jim Smedley updated us on ongoing work on Jericho (MD-03-02 & MD-12-01) – roof rafters are on, slats for roof on, northeast wing wall is finished.  They are moving quickly, but still have security system and fire retardant paint, roof shingles and siding to complete.  Effort is being made to take it back to how it was years ago.

The deadline for PA Crossings Newsletter is February 7th the day of our first meeting next year. 

Second Vice President, Ray Finkelstein spoke with PennDOT representative about Manassas Guths (PA-39-03) who said the work is almost done – should be completed next month.  However, he was there twice and there was no one working.

Third Vice President, Steve Wolfhope   He enjoyed helping out at the Poole Forge decorating event!

Fourth Vice President, Tim Cohen had no report.

Recording Secretary, Gloria Smedley had no report.

Corresponding Secretary / Program Chair Pamela A. Heisey was absent because she had to work.

Treasurer Bob Kuether thanked everyone who helped out at the Poole Forge decorating event and the Christmas Show.  In 2015 we set records for sales at each of the festivals.  He thanked Jim and Gloria for their help picking up orders and selling for the store on eBay.


Historian Fred J. Moll has been doing research on an old bridge in Berks County.  On February 18, 2016 he will give a presentation at the Highlands, a retirement community, on Berks County covered bridges.


REPORTS OF ILLNESSES OR DEATHS: Anthony Warren passed away on November 11, 2015. Great to see Shirley Moll today who is recovering from knee replacement surgery.

OLD BUSINESS  - Michael Chorazy completed paperwork for filling of our 501(c)(3) application.  Tom thanked him for his efforts on this.

Bob reported that our 2016 calendar is sold out completely.  We sold 355 this year.  We need submissions for the 2017 calendar!


COVERED BRIDGE ITEMS: Cracker Barrel has a calendar out with a covered bridge on it and Wal-Mart has a popcorn tin with covered bridge on it again this year.

APPROVAL OF MINUTES:  Minutes were approved as presented.

Various raffle items and door prizes were distributed.  Tom reminded everyone to pick up their card bags on the table at the front of the room.  He thanked Judy for her efforts in coordinating and organizing today’s event and for her, Desi and Ed’s work on the favors and raffle items. 


NEXT MEETING: Our Next Meeting will be held on Sunday, February 7th at St Paul’s Episcopal Church.  The program will be given by Michael Chorazy - “New York State’s Covered Bridges.”


ADJOURNMENT: The meeting was adjourned at 1:55 p.m.


Respectfully Submitted by Recording Secretary, Gloria Smedley

December 14, 2015