TBCBSP Annual Meeting                                                                                        September 7, 2014


Joyce called the meeting to order at 2:06.


Joyce welcomed everyone on this beautiful day.


The Pledge of Allegiance was conducted.


Joyce welcomed Darlene Bucher & Priscilla Bowersox.


Joyce announced that today's annual meeting will include the Memorial Service, election of officers, and officer reports.


The August minutes were approved as presented.


The August treasurer’s report was read by Bob and was approved as read.  The society currently has 124 members.


Covered Bridge Reports from Members:


Steve Wolfhope reported that he and Gloria took a 6-day trip in August through NY, VT, and NH, and saw 64 covered bridges.  They had great weather the entire time.


Ray Finkelstein reported that he and Linda went to Virginia and saw Great Falls.  In Maryland, they saw the 3 bridges in Frederick County and 2 romantic shelters; all were in great shape.  In Gettysburg, they did the historic tour and saw Saucks Bridge.  Ray's photo album of the mini safari in Washington County is on display today on the front table.


Michael Chorazy reported that Hayes Clark Bridge and Speakman #2 / Mary Ann Pyle Bridge in the Laurels Preserve are completed and they look terrific.  Both will be included in the 2015 Chester County safari, which will be May 2-3; we will stay at the Microtel in West Chester.  There is still no activity at Speakman #1 Bridge.  In August, Michael and Janis took a trip through NY, VT, NH, and Quebec and saw 38 bridges in 4 days.  Michael has now seen all of the authentic, historic New York bridges.


Bonnie Schultz reported that she and Gary went to Clay's Bridge, which looks like it has been painted recently.  Academia Bridge looks nice while Dimmsville Bridge is still hanging on.  Beaver Bridge and Beavertown Bridge both look nice.


Pat Cook reported that the new AAA magazine has an article advertising the covered bridge festival at  Knoebels.  She also read an article that mentioned Richard Sanders Allen.


Ben Evans reported that he and June went to Pinetown Bridge and Hunseckers Mill Bridge on their way to today's meeting.  It was their first time seeing them since they were redone.  Both bridges are excellent.


Officer Reports


President -- Joyce Soroka


Photos from the meeting with the governor are on the table up front today.


She received the project plans for Rudolph and Arthur Bridge (PA-15-01) in Chester County.  Originally the Society was contacted by CHRS, Inc. Historic Preservation Services to be a consulting party for the project in April of 2013.  At that time Michael Chorazy offered to represent the Society.  This information will be provided to him.  Joyce is pleased that the project is moving forward and thanked Michael for being a part of it for the Society.


An update on the Dreibelbis Station Bridge (PA-06-07) as of August 19, 2014:  P Joseph Lehman, Inc. has completed the survey and field inspection.  The next step is the analysis of the truss and then the feasibility study.


First VP -- Jim Smedley


He reported that he has been busy with family and yard work this summer.  He and Gloria are leaving tomorrow for a vacation at Lake Tahoe and Reno.  On Monday, they will get to see a bridge stabilization project at Freedom Crossing Bridge.  They hope to visit Bridgeport Bridge and Oregon Creek Bridge and a new covered bridge, Simpson's Ranch Bridge, which may end up being authentic.


He and Gloria are giving a program at the Hershey Public Library on Dauphin County Bridges on Wed. 9/17.  Registration is required.


Second VP -- Greg Williams


His sister and her husband went to Massachusetts and Vermont and bought several covered bridge postcards and a magnet for Greg.  A covered bridge sticker features the website www.iheartcoveredbridges.com.


Greg reported that the current Miles Kimball and Harriet Carter catalogs have various covered bridge products for sale.


Third VP -- Tom Walczak


On 8/24 he visited 2 bridges in Erie County: Sherman/Keepville, which is always about the same; and Waterford Bridge, which looks sad, in disrepair, and has no work going on.  In Bedford County, Jackson's Mill Bridge has been closed and work has started on the concrete piers for the open grasshopper span.


Fourth VP -- Tina Conn


On 8/24, the day after George's birthday, she visited 10 bridges in Chester County.  All of them were in good condition.  Zook's had some boards split on the siding.  Eberly's had the first upper left support damaged.  Gibson's could use a coat of paint.


Recording Secretary -- Heather Watkins -- no report


Corresponding Secretary and Program Chair – Pam Heisey - no report



Treasurer -- Bob Kuether


Traveled with Jim to Lancaster County to distribute the calendars to stores and they visited 5 bridges.  Herrs Mill Bridge is still standing.  Bob took the Country Store to the Lancaster Bicycle Ride.


Margaret Moore's daughter  brought us her collection of covered bridge items


Bob thanked Gloria for selling some things on Ebay.


Membership dues can be paid today.


Historian -- Fred Moll


Pleasantville Bridge and Griesemer's Bridge in Berks County are in good shape.  The newly refurbished Schlicher's Bridge in Lehigh County looks great.


He  will be giving tours inside Wertz Bridge on Saturday, Oct. 4 as part of the Annual Heritage Festival.


On Monday, Nov. 10 at 7 pm, he will be at the Oley Fairgrounds to give a  program on Berks County Covered Bridges and the restoration of Pleasantville Bridge.


Newsletter Co-Editors -- Jim and Gloria Smedley


The deadline for the next PA Crossings newsletter is October 12th, the day of our next meeting at the church.


The I-83 Welcome Center now has a covered bridge wooden model, a permanent tri-fold display, and a permanent glass shelf display on Pennsylvania's covered bridges.  There should be a covered bridge hanging throw in the lobby soon.


Reports of illness or death of members:


Alda Scheib called yesterday and said that Clyde is still in rehab but he is doing well.  His address is on the table for those who want to send a card.


Pat Cook reported that she visited Clayton Geib in the nursing home and he recently got to see his wife who is in a different facility.


Tom Walczak said his dad sends his thanks for all the well wishes last month.


Janet reported that her husband, who was critical back in March, had reversal surgery and is doing really well now. Another granddaughter was born on their anniversary.


Old Business - none


New Business:


The 2015 Safari will be in Chester County, led by Michael Chorazy, on Saturday and Sunday, May 2 and 3, 2015.


The Anniversary Dinner will be Saturday, May 16 at Dutchway Restaurant.


Last month, Ben Evans brought up the letter from Theodore Burr Resource Center requesting donations.  Jim Smedley presented a summary of what the board discussed.  The letter did not say what the money will be used for.  Some members would like to see the money be used to preserve PA bridges.  There is also some concern about the use of the library.  The Board recommends $200 be donated.  Ben made a motion to donate $200.  Ray made the 2nd motion.  The vote was in favor of donating $200.


Greg Williams conducted a Memorial Service for the 13 Society members who passed away in the last year.


Annual reports


Joyce presented the highlights of her last 5 years as President.  New and successful things we did: Murder Mystery Dinner at Bube's Brewery, meeting at a bridge, sharing sessions, having consultants on PennDOT bridge projects, Ben's 80th Birthday Party, rack cards for Welcome Centers, painted bridges, Sarris candy sales, new meeting location, donations of  books and CD's to state library system.  Not as good as we hoped:  card-making fundraiser, 501(c)3 approval still not done.  Joyce requested that the new board make sure this gets done, as we are missing out on fundraising opportunities and grants; membership and money are declining and we need to be mindful of how our Society is going to continue.  Joyce also served as Secretary and 1st Vice President prior to becoming President.


Annual President’s Report will be available in the binder with all other officers reports.


All officers reports will be available to members at the next few meetings.


Joyce thanked Ray Finkelstein, Steve Wolfhope, and Bonnie Schultz for serving on the Nominating Committee this year.


Ray Finkelstein announced the current slate of officers for the Nominating Committee:


President - Tom Walczak

1st VP – Jim Smedley

2nd VP – Ray Finkelstein

3rd VP - Steve Wolfhope

4th VP - Ed Myers

Treasurer – Bob Kuether

Recording Secretary - Gloria Smedley

Corresponding Secretary - Pam Heisey

Historian - Fred Moll


Since there were no nominations from the floor, the Recording Secretary cast a unanimous ballot.


Joyce presented Tom with the Society plaque.


Joyce presented gifts from her personal collection to everyone who served on the board during her 5 years as President.


Announcement of Covered Bridge and related events:


Washington & Greene Counties Covered Bridge Festival: September 20-21, 2014


Columbia-Montour Covered Bridge Festival: October 2-5, 2014


Announcement of next meeting date


Sunday, October 12, 2014  at St. Paul’s Episcopal Church at 1:00 (note the change in time) will be our Monthly Meeting followed by an auction of covered bridge items. Proceeds will go to our Society’s Bridge Preservation Fund.  We will NOT hold our October meeting this year at Knoebels Amusement Resort in Elysburg, PA.


Today’s Program is “National Park Historic Sites” by Fred Moll


Tom Walczak noted that this is the first time he can remember so many people leaving the board at the same time.  He presented certificates of appreciation to all outgoing officers, along with certificates for complimentary Christmas Dinner, Anniversary Dinner, and Safari fee.  Ed Myers presented each outgoing officer with a sweatshirt with a customized embroidered bridge.


The meeting was adjourned at 3:27.